Great time visiting and sharing pictures with cousin

07 Feb

Today, my first cousin, Sherri, (once removed) drove up to my house and spent part of the morning; and most of the afternoon.  She brought a box of old photos that we had so much fun going through.  These were old photos that had belonged to her father; who was a brother to my grandmother.  Although I have quite a few old pictures from that side of my family; she had several that I had never seen.  I was able to tell her who several of the folks in the pictures were; and; working together; we were able to make some educated guesses as to some of the others.  It was awesome seeing photos of my great grandmother; which I had not seen before.  I mean… I have several pictures of my great grandmother.  But, these were pictures of her I had not previously seen.  She also had some pictures of my GG grandparents which I had not seen before; and I shared some pictures with her; of those same folks; which she had not seen.

It was such a great day visiting with Sherri; reminiscing about our parents, grandparents, etc.; and sharing old photos and documents.  Now… we have made plans to go visit her aunt (my great aunt); who has been in a nursing home for a couple of years now.  We suspect that this aunt will be able to shed some light as to who some of the folks we could not identify in these pictures were.

So…. Sherri and I are both looking forward to taking a little trip later this week to visit Aunt Maxine.  I’m sure Aunt Maxine will have a blast going through the old pictures; and, hopefully, some of them will jog her memory a little; and we will be able to identify a few more of the folks in the old pictures.

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Posted by on February 7, 2012 in General Genealogy


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