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A Trip to the Kentucky State Archives in Frankfort, KY

Branham-Acre Divorce

It’s been a long time since my last post to my blog.  I have been busy with research for my many clients; and have been trying to spend some time on the golf course now that the weather has finally improved.

About 3 weeks ago, a client whom I have done research for on a couple of occasions in the past 3 or 4 years; contacted me to inquire as to whether I would be willing to drive down to the Kentucky State Archives in Frankfort; to search for various wills, deeds, etc. of several of her ancestors.  I informed her that I had been there several times in the past; and would be glad to do so again.  I drove down last Sunday evening; and spent the next three days at the Archives; searching for; and copying many documents for her.  In total; I think I copied about 175 pages of various documents; which included a couple of great civil court cases involving her ancestors.

Since this article is not about the research I did for her; I won’t get into that.  For those who have not been to the State Archives in Kentucky; it is a fantastic place to research your Kentucky ancestors.  There is so much there.  You will find “most” of the original records (on microfilm) for most of the Kentucky counties.  These include such things as deeds, will, marriage records, Court Minute books, etc.  They also have the “original” Civil and Criminal Court cases for most Kentucky counties.

I have attached an interesting Divorce Case that I found there several years ago; which is connected to my own ancestors.  This is the divorce of Joseph Rice BRANHAM and Elizabeth BRANHAM Acree.  They had married on 5 March 1866 in Clinton Co., KY.  In 1877, Elizabeth filed for a divorce.  Elizabeth’s Step-Mother, Nancy Shelton Branham, gave a deposition.  Starling Jones also gave a deposition.  The claims made by Elizabeth; as well as those made by Staring Jones and Nancy Branham, are quite interesting.  I have included the entire case for your genealogy reading enjoyment.

It had been a while since I was last at the State Archives in Frankfort.  I love it when a client asks me to do research there.  The records there are awesome; and I almost always find some great stuff there.  I hope all will keep me in mind for their research interests in Kentucky; or anywhere else.  Besides Kentucky; I do have wonderful access to records from all over the U.S. through the Allen County Library; in Fort Wayne, IN; which is the second largest genealogy library in the world.

I hope everyone enjoys the Clinton County Divorce case included in this post.  Clicking the link at the top of this post; will open up the scanned divorce case.


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