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New Facebook Group

Several days ago I created a new Facebook group; which I hope you will all join.  The group is called Digginbones Genealogy.  The direct link to the group is .  Once there, you can click the “Join” button to become a member of the group.

I plan to use this group as a way to keep folks updated on upcoming online presentations that I plan on continuing to do using Google Hangouts; to get ideas for upcoming presentation/discussion topics, and more.  Although many of you are friends of mine on Facebook; creating the group makes it easier for me to notify everyone of upcoming presentations and such.  Because it is a Facebook Group, members of the group will receive a Facebook notification when I post to the group.  Although we all miss posts in our Facebook news feed; we almost always see our Facebook notifications.

Just today, I posted a question on the Facebook group inquiring about what specific Genealogy Topics you all might want me to do a presentation/discussion on.  I hope to get some good ideas from you all.

We had a great presentation and discussion in the Google Hangout on Saturday, January the 10th.  I did a presentation on the uses of Google Docs/Drive for Genealogy purposes.  There seemed to be a lot of interest; and were many questions.  I know of at least a couple of you who attended the hangout who have since begun using Google Docs/Drive.  I was very glad to find that out.

Hope everyone will join my new Facebook group.  And…. please be sure to share my blog address as well as the address of the new Facebook Group with all of your genealogy friends!

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Time for Another Google Hangout Presentation/Discussion

As with most folks; I have been occupied the past few weeks with various holiday functions and such.  Our Christmas was awesome! We enjoyed several family gatherings, with great food and family.  Now; it’s time to get back to work.  Since the temperature here in Indiana has dropped drastically; and we have potential for snow overnight tonight; I will likely stay home the next several days; and get what work I can done from here.  Temperature here is currently 4; with a wind chill of -14!

Now that things are starting to settle down some; I want to do another Google Hangout session.  I have done the previous hangouts on Sunday evenings.  However; there were some people who wanted to attend; but could not do so because of Church.  So…..  I am going to try a different day and time.  This Saturday morning Jan, 10, 2015) at 11 am Eastern Time; I will host a Google Hangout presentation and discussion on the uses of Google Drive (also known as Google Docs) for Genealogy,

I have been using Google Docs/Drive for several years now.  It can be a very valuable tool for creating and storing genealogy documents. I will demonstrate some of the uses; and will allow for questions and discussions.  As with previous Hangout Sessions I have done; this will be very informal.  I will spend a few minutes demonstrating some of the uses of Google Docs/Drive; and will open things up for questions and discussion.

You must have a Google/Gmail account to use Google Hangouts.  A webcam is needed if you wish to be seen.  However; a webcam is not required.  Anyone is welcome to sit back and watch; as well as participate in the discussion.  Of course a microphone is needed if you wish to ask questions and/or participate in the discussion.

Those who wish to attend this online hangout should notify me (Facebook message, email or comment below) so that I can send you the link to the hangout about 30 minutes prior to the hangout.

“If” there is enough interest; and some cannot attend Saturday at 11 am Eastern; I may do the presentation/discussion again Saturday evening.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas; and wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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