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An Entertaining Old Will

While at the library today, doing research for a couple of clients; and reading some old Hamilton Co., OH wills; I came across one will that I couldn’t help but chuckle about. Seems this fellow wasn’t too pleased with his wife and youngest daughter.

The last will and testament of William Porter was duly admitted into Probate Court, 3 April, 1816. In part, it reads….

First I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary, the sum of Two Dollars in cash, together with what she has already had in the North half of said quarter section on which I now live, as she would not live with me no longer but left me and went away by an agreement made with her and my oldest son Thomas Porter who was to keep her in a descent manner for me giving him up the north half or eighty acres which I give a deed &c for that reason she is to have her interest in these two dollars in of her Dower.

William goes on to say…

I do also give and bequeath unto my oldest son Thomas Porter one dollar in cash and no more, only the eighty acres which I have already deeded to him on our<agreement, and give unto my oldest daughter Elizabeth Andrews the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars; also unto my youngest daughter, Mary Porter the sum of five dollars as she left me before she was eighteen years old without my consent; and my youngest son William Porter I will and bequeath all the remainder of my estate both real and personal.

So… William seems to make it pretty clear that he is not real happy with his wife or his youngest daughter. I did find it a little odd that William referred to his wife as his

“beloved wife”

and then goes on to say that she wouldn’t live with him anymore.

My assumption is that his youngest daughter probably went to live with her mother, and William wasn’t happy with her because of that.

Who would have thought that an old will could be entertaining?

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