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Pension Files

Well…..  My internet has been working all day today; since about 9 this morning.  Have no idea why.  However; I did shut down my computer for a while this morning; and restarted it about an hour later.  Internet has worked ever since.  So…. I will be rescheduling the Google Hangout for the discussion of “The Value of Pension Files for Genealogy” within the next couple of days.  I will likely schedule it for early next week; and will (of course) post here in advance of it.

In the meantime; for those of you who have obtained a pension file for one or more of your ancestors; what was the best or most unexpected thing you found in a pension?

I’ll start with one of my own.  I got a Civil War pension file for a GG Grandfather; who was the father of my Great-Grandmother.  He was married (to someone other than my GG Grandmother); but had 5 children with her.  Although I was told that he was the father of my G-Grandmother; I never expected any written confirmation.  I was surprised when I received his pension file to see a deposition by someone who had stated that he visited my great grandmother’s house frequently; and that he had fathered several children with her.  A very nice surprise in this pension file.

Would love to hear about something you found in a pension file.


Posted by on September 9, 2015 in General Genealogy