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Ideas and Suggestions

We all have a Genealogy Brick Wall in at least one of our family lines. As a professional genealogist; Brick Wall research is my favorite. I love working on the difficult puzzles. This often takes a lot of thought and analysis. Until further notice, I am offering some free advice and suggestions to those who have a brick wall that they need some direction and guidance with. Sorry. This doesn’t mean I can do free “research”. However; if you complete the form below your name, email address; and details about your ancestor) describing the person whom you are stuck on; telling me what you know about them (when born, where born, where they resided, who they married; etc.), I will give it some thought; and will try to provide some ideas and suggestions as to how you might be able to get beyond your brick wall. The advice and suggestions are free. Just complete the form below.  Be sure to provide details about the person of interest. Feel free to share the link to this blog with other genealogy friends who may need some suggestions and advice themselves.  

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Posted by on May 28, 2014 in General Genealogy